Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

I Will Always Love You

 -Rosyi Shofiani Faridah-

drops of tears streaming down cheeks
sadly no longer feels restrained
fell crashing so great
destroy all those around
formerly cheerful heart smile
now be frozen hard as rock in the ocean
that will be eroded by the waves that dance on every morning

this is the end of waiting
like cotton are swayed by the wind
I was crying in the crowd world
cry of woe is not in the slightest ignore
up to hatred grows slowly erode my love to you

Should I keep waiting?
Should I hate you?
Should I still love you?
although the waiting in vain
although this heart hurt yourselves
although I heard a million sorry
I would still love you

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  1. terinspirasi karena pengalaman batin asli yang dirasakan oleh saya sendiri . maaf bila terlalu berlebihan .